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Types of Rental Software

By the present invention, a rental software system offers at least one rented program authorizing at least one service to a customer with a customer’s response means. Rental software relates to a software rental system and procedure for renting software.

The present invention further explains that rental software is a method of providing a distributed program to a plurality of customers so as each customer has a rental software system and every customer receives an identical and exact copy of the said program.

Why Rental Software?

Establishing a rental software has become a must nowadays especially for equipment hire, bouncy castle hire, audio a/v hire or bike hire rental businesses who want to stay organized and boost their revenue. The rental software has a variety of features which provides you better options to grow your business faster, smarter and more reliable than ever before by providing solutions, reliable inventory and customer relationship management systems.

• Inventory Management System

It is necessary for any rental business to keep track of all its assets including inventory. This leads you to see the availability status of each product, and how often it is rented leading to a clear vision into the product catalog.

• Rental Order and Booking Module

The instinctive rental software allows you to add rental items to order easily. A simple rental order and booking module enables you to identify equipment rental status just in time so that you don’t double book your customers.

• Integration with Third Party Applications

Playing nice and easy integration with third-party applications adds to the horsepower of your rental system. This results in an ability to do a lot more tasks and eradicating the need to reenter data in multiple systems all over again and again. Any good rental software makes it easier to associate with third-party applications as it will save you a lot of hassle down the road.

• Track Customer’s Rental History

A helpful step towards the success of your rental business is keeping track of customers, knowing who your customers are and what they like to rent.

• Booking Engine

Whether it is Equipment hire, bouncy castle booking system, audio av hire, or bike hire
Rental software, software with a booking engine makes it easier to accept payment I nay currency.

• Reservation System

The power to oversee, update and manage reservations enables you to run a rental business more efficiently and effectively.